Biomarker research and metabolic profiling in inborn errors of energy metabolism

Our group has strong experience in method development for the determination of metabolites in body fluids using chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques. We are particularly interested in the interpretation of metabolic profiling of inborn errors of energy metabolism and in the implementation of novel biomarkers.


  • Energy metabolites in cell compartments (Prof. J-M Nuoffer)
  • Metabolic profiling in MDH2-deficient iPSCs (PD Dr. med. A. Lämmle)
  • Metabolic profiling in galactosemia (Dr. med. M. Gautschi)
  • Fatty acids quantification in mouse retina (Dr. phil. nat. B. Steiner, Prof. P. Escher)
  • Metabolism of Echinococcus multilocularis (Prof. B. Lundström-Stadelmann, Vetsuisse)